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Driver Training Programs

Your Driving training program will start as soon as you read the Victorian traffic hand book Called the road for solo driving. Once you pass the learner permit test our professional driving instructor will be able to design your driving training program Around your level of availability, urgency, and current level of driving.

   You will be able to choose from
    • 1. Weekly driving lessons for those learners that need to accumulate driving experience and hours before going for drive test.


    • 2. Intensive driving training for those learners who are in a rush to get the Victorian licence you can get your driving license in 1 month or less.


    • 3. Refresher driving lessons for those who need to upgrade their driving skills, confidence and address some driving concerns like Driving with trams, hook turns, freeway driving, merging lanes, reverse park into tight locations, lane changing getting A better /smoother gear changing, hill starts, night driving


    • 4. Overseas license conversion change your overseas license to a Victorian one in one business day


    • 5. Guaranteed driving course. Our instructor will guarantee you will pass the driving test first time or else we will pay The booking fee for the next test. Our instructor will advise when to book the driving test.


What ever you choose our driving instructor will be able to guide you for 1st time pass – Sprint Driving School great value for money

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