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Driving Test Melbourne

Your Victorian Drive Test will start at VicRoads office of your choice. There are many VicRoads testing stations , and they can be found here:

To book your  Victorian drive test  just call 131 171 or book on line via

To be eligible to appear the test, you will need to match the following requirements


    • – Be at least 18 years old.
    • – Hold a Victorian Learner Permit.
    • – Present a log book with 120 hr driving experience (if learner driver is 18 – 21 years old and never held overseas license)
    • – Pass Hazard perception test which is a computerized driving simulator to test the learner driver judgment
    • – Pass an eye site test Once all admin procedure finalized the practical driving test will be on the way., The learner driver will be asked by the tester to seat in the driving test car, switch on the car ignition to accessory mode then identified and operate the following controls breaks lights, right and left indicators, hazard lights, washer and wipers, rear & front demister, seat belt, high and low beam From that point and onwards the test will be conducted by the tester using short instructions to turn right and left if nothing said learner driver has to drive straight ahead keeping all road marking signs and road traffic regulations.The drive test will be terminated immediately once learner driver did a driving fault which is


    • 1. Dangerous
    • 2. Against the law

At anytime during the drive test tester can ask to perform one of the low speed manoeuvrings

  • 1. Reverse parallel park – As per the driving test criteria you will have 2 min, 7 meter and 4 car movements to complete this task
  • 2. Three point turn – As per the driving test criteria you will asked to complete the task in 3 car movements.

To maximize your chances to pass the drive test its advisable to have few driving lessons to help you understand the test criteria which only explained briefly here.

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The total duration of the Victorian driving test is 30 min, most of learner drivers attending the driving test know how to drive but not all pass the drive test main reason is due to level of stress that cause wrong judgment and lack of familiarization of the test criteria , so make sure to keep your stress level down stay cool calm and confident, Over all the Victorian test is manageable especially if few driving lessons are been taken prior to it.

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